29 (ish) must-haves for summer riding

See what made our not-so-short list of go-to items for getting after another season. Plus, find out how to win a cycling jersey below!

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Gear Reviews

The Gear I Love: One Pro Climber’s Summer Essentials

MEC Ambassador, Sarah Hart picks clothing systems for cragging and alpine climbing.

Who doesn’t love gear? But maybe more appropriately, who doesn’t love gear and clothes? I love clothes. I love clothes for how they look and make me feel. And I love how they function and help me perform. As a climber and skier, I spend a lot of time in mountain clothes so if a piece makes me feel fat or my butt look saggy, I’m having none of it.

I like to focus on clothing and gear as systems, rather than simply listing off a bunch of random pieces that I like. As summer is approaching, I’ve decided to present my favourite clothing systems for the activities that occupy most of my time: rock climbing and later in the season, fast moving days of alpine rock climbing.

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